Why Inbound?


Here at Incognitus, we adopt a marketing philosophy and methodology called Inbound.

The word Inbound means inward bound, which is the direction we’d like to bring customers into a product or service.  Voluntarily. Willingly. Happily. No hard sell, no intrusion, no disruption. It’s a method that promotes value and builds trust among a targeted clientele.

And no trust comes easily.  That’s why our team focuses much of our efforts on finding out and providing what is valuable to clients.  How do we attract, how do we engage, and most importantly, how do we delight them?


The Inbound process does not stop after a sale, or after inviting customers “in”.  It believes in continuing to help, support, and empower them, well after they become a customer.

And that is basically the Inbound business growth model -- ensuring Marketing, Sales, and Service are constantly focused on how to help current and future customers.

Inbound is a better way to market, a better way to sell, and a better way to serve customers.