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Hello, I am Tanya the head of Event Services at Incognitus.

What draws me to events is the process of creation. I start each event with my client’s vision, translating it into an operational file. This serves as my blueprint for the event as I collaborate with the right team to assemble the different event components. On event day, I am my client’s partner on the ground. I execute events with a mission to create a meaningful experience that delivers the client's message to their audience.

Events the Inbound Way

Events are lead generation tools that allow you to interact with your audience and get their feedback on the value you are offering. We create campaigns with continuity. We attract, engage and delight their audience not only on event day. We keep the lines of communication open through a synchronized presence across digital channels before, during and after each event.

Visit our blog from time to time as we give you an insider's point of view on the intricacies of event marketing. You will also catch me writing about digital marketing every so often, as I train with experts on Inbound. Do message me if there are any topics you’d like to explore and I’ll do my best to get those articles out for you!