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Businesses today need to create a presence online to remain relevant to their customers. In the rush to build awareness, we often develop content and execute campaigns with no clear plans in place. This makes it hard to track our progress and measure return of investment. It's time to step back, regroup, and define what we want to work for, what we intend to achieve.
Goals provide a clear vision of where we want to be and help define the roadmap to get there from where we are now. Examining and establishing our goals give our efforts a laser-like focus as we work to hit our targets.
According to HubSpot, the goals of marketing fall into the 5 areas:

  1. to raise brand awareness
  2. to generate high-quality leads
  3. to grow and maintain thought leadership
  4. to increase customer value, and
  5. to empower your colleague to become brand ambassadors

Each of the goal categories mentioned above affect how you delight existing customers and attract new business. Remember that goal setting does not come with a one size fits all template. Every business is unique. Your current situation and your desired outcomes will dictate what you need, what steps you need to include in your strategy.
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Our team recently sat down together to give our goals serious consideration. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Identify your Brand's Personality

Each business has its own voice, tone, approach and vision. Establish who your brand is at the start of the process. This ensures that the goals you set align with what your business stands for and what it needs.

Get your Team's Perspective

It's imperative to include the point of view of everyone who has a hand in growing your business. This can be done through a goal setting workshop or a questionnaire. Tying your bigger business goals with their personal ambitions is a good way to get your team invested in your plans and motivated to do their part in the process.

Treat your List of Goals as a Living Document

As your business grows, its needs and capabilities grow with it. Periodically go back to your goals, review and update them to remain on the right track of the big picture you envision for your brand.
Taking a step back to regroup and establish your goals will be worth it. Getting your team behind a defined and shared focus will fast track your progress and get your business to where you want to be.