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No two events are the same. Your approach will vary for a business function versus a social gathering. Whatever the event type may be, each one will need attention to detail and focused planning. Selecting the right venue is pivotal to an event's success as it sets the tone and mood of your activity. Upon the arrival of your guests, the venue will create the first and most lasting impression of your event.

You need to check out each space, its logistical capacity and creative flexibility. The venue needs to have the right amenities to provide comfort for your guests. It must also be flexible enough to allow you to execute your vision for the event.

  1. Touch base with your client ahead of time. Uncover the challenges, goals, pains and plans they associate with the project.
  2. Take time to prepare an ocular task list. Make sure to cover all the bases to avoid forgetting crucial details once onsite.
    1. Review the venue's offerings and amenities versus your client's vision.
    2. Interview the venue property manager about the venue's do's and dont's. Ask about all the permits you need to complete to secure the event booking, ingress and egress.
    3. Check for suppliers you will need to engage based on the venue's limitations. Examples would include lights and sounds providers, portable toilets, extra tables and chairs. If you are doing an event out of town, it would be efficient to tap local suppliers to manage costs. If you chose to do so, be sure to check for quality before confirming any orders or reservations.
    4. Make sure that the guests are comfortable by providing proper access to clean restrooms, food and beverages. Prepare for limited parking by coordinating with the venue property manager and neighboring establishments.
    5. If the event requires accommodations for the participants, explore corporate package deals to get the best price for both the rooms and the event venue.lsgh2019jmup - 20190314 pancipane from ortigas
  3. If you are the one directly coordinating with the client, delegate tasks to other members of the team. Make sure there are people assigned to photo documentation, area measurements and other logistics.
  4. Once onsite, verify your task list with your client and align on next actions.
  5. Complete your task list
  6. Agree with your client on next actions and timelines based on your ocular findings.
  7. Within 24 hours of the ocular, send a recap email to the venue contact to ensure that you are in agreement on the details discussed.

Preparing for an efficient venue ocular and completing it successfully gives your team a quick win you can share with your client. It could dictate the way to a smoother path leading up to event day.