AI: Ally or Threat

We sit  squarely on AI as an ally, technology that can enhance creativity 

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A blank page.
I find it challenging to start much less fill a blank page with meaningful content. At the same time, it presents itself as an opportunity to create something valuable. Over time, I've come to rely on a set of trigger questions to get a ideas down based on my answers. This provides me with an outline that I can expand on bring together into a cohesive draft. To bring a draft to a final output, there is the need to go through a couple of rounds of reviews and edits. In my case, this doesn't happen in a vaccuum. I need someone to work with. At Incognitus, we believe that technology augments our abilities, not replace them. With the advent of ChatGPT and generative AI, we've experienced that marvel of AI. We also recognize its limitations when it comes to creating branded personal and human content.
Let's delve into the realm of Chatspot and ChatGPT, and how, properly prompted, you can use these tools work hand in hand with your brilliance to elevate your productivity, creativity, and problem-solving prowess.

Unleashing Your Creative Potential with ChatGPT

Creativity knows no bounds. Once on a roll, it can create beliefs that defy logic or produce insights that add value to conversations. But how do you overcome the initial friction to get things started, ChatGPT.

iemi-mockup-chatgpt-2023Q2ChatGPT is technology that can generate human-like text responses for various applications, including content creation and chatbot development. It is an advanced language model by OpenAI that uses machine learning to generate content.

We use ChatGPT as the spark that ignites and the fuel that drives creativity further. It empowers us to generate human-like text responses that are as imaginative as your mind allows. Whether you're drafting captivating content or brainstorming game-changing ideas, helps push boundaries.

But don't forget, your expertise remains the compass that guides and polishes the AI-generated output, ensuring its accuracy and relevance.

Elevating Communication with ChatSpot

ChatGPT uses ideas conveyed in content it is fed. It understands context and nuances, allowing for imaginative and creative responses. Giving it guidance amplifies abilities and pushes boundaries.
On the other hand, ChatSpot is AI-driven platform trained by HubSpot for the specific use of marketers and sales people.
With its intuitive interface, Chatspot brings you closer to natural conversations that can extract invaluable insights and information. It empowers you to leverage AI's potential, while your expertise in understanding context and nuances still takes center stage. Chatspot is not a substitute. It's a companion, another member of your team that help you enhance your communication prowess. If ChatGPT lets you have conversations, ChatSpot lets you have helpful, human, customer-centric conversation with your buyers.


Prompting Generative AI

Innovation flourishes when you have the right tools, and properly prompted ChatGPT is the key to unlocking endless possibilities. By framing queries and prompts effectively, you can extract targeted and accurate responses from the AI model. In the case of ChatSpot, it standardized prompts to make the process of generating content easier. For me, it gives a constant prompt against which I can further align the output to our voice, our brand.


Whether it is ChatGPT or ChatSpot, it is your unique human perspective that breathes life into the AI-generated responses, aligning them with your goals and values.

Prompting Your AI


Unless you have a personalized AI instance using a large language model trained with your specific data, generative AI relies on average content found on the internet. As a result, it may not effectively capture the ideas you want to convey or do so in the desired manner.

Unless you have a personalized AI instance using a large language model trained with your specific data, generative AI relies on average content found on the internet. As a result, it may not effectively capture the

If you've experimented with ChatGPT or ChatSpot, you likely discovered these limitations. The content generated by these tools often lacks the authentic "feel" that represents you. 

The key to overcoming this challenge lies in providing better prompts.

We see our set of prompts as a detailed map for our turbocharged AI engine. By meticulously refining prompts in lieu of a personalized data set, we feel we've come closer to generating content that better aligns with our brand. 

Our prompts include:

  • the why of the content,
  • definitions of our brand persona
  • definitions of our target persona, their stage in the customer journey, their story, and their trigger,
  • the idea that speaks to the persona
  • the format of the output

Guide Your Ally

In the dynamic landscape of innovation, Chatspot, and ChatGPT are just a few examples of the power of collaboration between human ingenuity and AI technology. These tools are designed to amplify your brilliance, not diminish it. They fuel your creativity, streamline your communication, and expand your problem-solving horizons. At Incognitus, we encourage you to embrace these tools as allies on your journey to success.