A website is a tool for business growth

Do you have one?

What is a website?

A website is a webpage or a collection of webpages, blogs, and/or landing pages. It is a channel through which you can deliver value to your buyers. It is where they can experience your brand going from visitor, lead, customer, happy customer, and hopefully, advocate.

Webpages are the processed by your browser from code (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc). The code is generated manually or more likely with a content management system (CMS). The information is usually hosted on a computer, a web server, that is connected to computers that do other jobs to get what you see on your screen.


Website Pages, Blogs, Landing Pages

Each page has a role in moving a customer through their journey.

Website pages

Multipage websites are typically made up of these pages

  1. homepage
  2. about page
  3. services page
  4. offers page
  5. contact us page


landing pages -

I hear this get thrown around a lot. For our purposes this refers to conversion point

A website can be just one webpage? Yes, this one-page website does its job in one page.  with navigation is like a homepage. A website without navigation is a landing page And the journey is to be complete in this one page, click funnels

Pages can be made from scratch but are often made with templates.

The design is held together with themes. Familiarity, consistency helps the UX usability is essential.

It is made up of page(s). 

Why website?

Website helps you get found and provides a front door to your brand. Your website is what shows up on search engines. Your pages appear on social media as shared links along with the myriad of post you may or may not make. It is also the link on your email or videos where people are called to action. 

For B2B, once a visitor gets to your website, this means providing guidance through their buyer's journey. Besides generating traffic, your website should capture and nurture leads. This means, helping your visitor

  • become aware of their symptoms and get clarity on their problem 
  • consider the various factors and options they have to solve that problem
  • decide on the best solution, your solution.

And once there is mutual fit, these qualified leads can be passed on to sales to close the deal.

For a B2C website, the objective is more on drawing traffic and closing deals. The buyer's journey is very quick. It's like buying your favorite drink or needing to replenish supplies. It is a matter of reminding them of a well-defined need with a more or less set solution. 

Unfortunately, most treat it like a billboard when a website can actually help you grow your business. Integrated with other tools it can become essential to business operations. A website has the potential of helping you not only through marketing, sales, customer support but also across all business functions hiring, operations, etc. 


this is where you get your chance to give them full treatment.

typically, customer journey. it typically starts with search, on the internet rather than within a network. specially marketing part

useful to sales part

useful for support part

learn more about where website fits in the customer journey, 

social networks and even messaging are tyring ot deliver the whole journey within their system.

For now it is more likely delivered through a website


How website

strat launch, improve


Business growth is not just about getting more sales. If it were that simple, you wouldn't be reading this would you?

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